!ooc - indefinite hiatus

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be returning this blog to an indefinite hiatus.

Apologies to my new followers and anyone I’d plotted with/people who wanted to roleplay — this is simply what is best for me at this time.

I can be reached on my personal blog (found under the ‘guidelines’ link) or through my skype (available upon request).

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        “The Knight of Flowers, I presume.”

  “—-You would be correct, my lady.” Golden eyes drifted over her, and the knight dipped into a bow. “However I fear I have not yet the pleasure of knowing your name.”

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♦: Relationship with your Muse.
♠: What's one thing you dislike about your Muse?
♣: Any headcanons about your muse?
♥: One thing you love about your Muse.
☾: Favorite moment from your Muse's canon, and why. (If your Muse is an OC, then favorite aspect of their story.)
☄: What you think of your Muse.
♪: Favorite song.
✫: Why you began RPing.
✽: Favorite season?
❂: The Mun's birthday. (Month and date--no year!)
☂: Favorite kind of weather.
✤: Favorite kind of food.
▲: The Mun's Zodiac sign. (Any kind of Zodiac works!)
●: If you could say just one thing to your Muse, what would it be?
☑: An OTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☒: A NOTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☁: Favorite part of RPing.
✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.
▶: A talent of the Mun's (besides RPing, of course!)
♬: Sing or say something! Post the link to it.
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 Send ✆ for a morning text
 Send ✉ for a text that wasn’t sent
 Send ☎ for a rushed text
 Send ☏ for a loving text
 Send ⁇ for a drunk text
 Send ø for a late night text
 Send ✘ for a hateful text
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[They did and it was awful]

I’m so mad 



And if I remember it correctly in the book it specifically said she didn’t cry.]

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princessofstags: "You owe me."

Turning to face the girl — the princess — fully, the knight let his gaze fall upon hers.  "—-And what is it I owe you, your grace?"


His sword, surely, and his loyalty to her and her House. But there seems another meaning in her eyes — one of which I am unsure.

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Put one of these in my askbox to see how my Muse reacts. [Part I]


Lumped these all together for ease of reblogging:

  • "My parents know."
  • "Don’t go."
  • "You’re under arrest."
  • "Just let me die."
  • "I’m pregnant and it’s yours."
  • "Make me."
  • "Kiss me you idiot."
  • "I didn’t do it."
  • "That isn’t mine."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "Truth hurts, don’t it?"
  • "Be mine."
  • "You owe me."
  • "Just relax."
  • "I already regret this."
  • "Where are my clothes?"
  • "You could have killed someone!"
  • "I think I broke it."
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "We need to talk."
  • "Never again."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "How drunk are you right now?" 
  • "Well that was unexpected." 
  • "Have you ever even done this before?" 
  • "I just want to cuddle."
  • "I can’t even look at you."
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "Don’t you dare."
  • "I missed you."
  • "This stays between us."
  • "I need a hug."
  • "I could kill you!"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "You’re so weird."
  • "Why are you wearing that?"
  • "You coward."
  • "You’re all out of ____."
  • "You. Come. Snuggle. NOW!"
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Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or NO

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The bold little boy with wild black hair and laughing eyes was a man grown now, one and twenty, and still he played his games. Look at me, I’m a king, Cressen thought sadly. Oh, Renly, Renly, dear sweet child, do you know what you are doing? And would you care if you did?

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